January 2020 –  H A P P Y  N E W   Y E  A R

The Beacon Newsletter

Rev. June Stoker, pastor 785-713-9872

From the desk of Pastor June:

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

My apologies for the late arrival of this letter. It seems the New Year came in too quickly for me. I am praying that your year has started and will continue to be rich in blessings from God, our Father.

As I look ahead to what God has for us to do as a church, I was reminded to familiarize myself again with the purpose of our church. Our bylaws says that the purpose of the Christian Church of Marysville, KS is:

  • To win people to faith in Jesus Christ
  • To commit actively to the church
  • To grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ
  • To know and do His will
  • To work for the unity of all Christians
  • To engage in the common task of building the Kingdom of God

How do we carry out this mission for 2020? I would like to hear from you. I believe that God has already given you ideas to share with us. This is your church also. I am your servant, not your dictator. Please share with me.

We have started working on teaching classes regarding introducing Jesus and later classes on the Kingdom of God.

January/Febuary Events:

  • 29th – Worship Meeting – 4 pm30th – Bible Study – 12 noon – Upper Room30th – Elder’s meeting – 2 pm – Upper Room

    Feb 2nd – Board Meeting – After service

    4th – Bible Study – 12 noon – Upper Room

    5th – Mary Circle – 1:30 pm – Upper Room

    9th – Open House – Allene Rhodes 95th Birthday Celebration

    2-4 pm – Dining Area

    13th – Bible Study – 12 noon – Upper Room

    19th – CWF – 1:30 pm – Upper Room

    19th – CMF – 5 pm – Upper Room

    20th – Bible Study – 12 noon – Upper Room

    23rd – Cambridge Place Service – 2 pm

    26th – Start of Lent Service at FCC – 6 pm

January/Febuary Birthdays and Anniversaries:


  • Julie Roever – Jan 15th
  • Jadrian Hester – Feb 5th
  • Marsha Larson –Feb 13th


  • No Wedding Anniversaries

It’s Your Turn:

What questions/comment do you have?  Are there lessons you would like to be a part of? Are there things we need to talk about in a group or individually? Is there something special that you would like to do?

Call me at 785-713-9872.

I am your pastor and I am here for you.

Bible Studies:

  • Sunday – 9 am – Introducing Jesus the ReasonWho is this Jesus that we serve?

    Men’s Fellowship/Bible Study – Sermon on the Mount

                      What are the character traits that Jesus taught?           

    Women’s Fellowship – Mary Circle – Jesus, Satisfied by His Love

    What did Jesus give in his love for women?

    Thursday Brown Bag – 12 Noon – Genesis

             Studying Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. Who are they?

Upcoming sermons:

  • Jan 26th – Blessed are those who Mourn – Matthew 5:4Feb 2nd – Blessed are the Meek – Matthew 5:5

    Feb 9th – Blessed are those who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness – Matthew 5:6

    Feb 16th – Blessed are the merciful – Matthew 5:7

    Feb 23rd – Blessed are the Pure in Heart – Matthew 5:8

    Mar 1st – Blessed are the Peacemakers – Matthew 5:9

    Mar 8th – Blessed are the Persecuted because of Righteousness – Matthew 5:10

    Starting March 15th I will start a series on Holy Week/Passion Week that will include Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday. Messages will be done on 5 Sundays.


“Who put the stars in the sky?” asked the Sunday school teacher in reviewing the previous week’s lesson.

“I know”, said Jimmy. “It was America!”

“How do you know it was America?” the teacher asked with interest.

“Well, for one thing, we sang about it in church,” Jimmy explained/. “You know, that song that goes, “It took America to put the stars in place!”

Sentence Sermons

The devil may build a wall of trouble around the Christian, but he can’t put a roof over you so as to keep you from looking up.

It’s funny how we never get too old to learn some new way to be stupid!

The Gospels record 35 personal interviews of Christ with others. How long since you have talked to someone about Him?

Have you ever watched squirrels and saw how they store diligently for winter? By YOUR works are you helping with God’s harvest?

Someone asked the church decorator what she did with the flowers after the services. She replied innocently, “Oh, we take them to the people who are sick after the sermon.”