November 2019 The Beacon Newsletter

Rev. June Stoker, pastor 785-713-9872

From the desk of Pastor June:

For us sports fans, this is an exciting time of the year. I was so excited that the Houston Astros Baseball team was in the World’s Series playoff with hopes of becoming World Series champions. Now I am getting excited and jumping with joy that the Kansas Chief’s will be one of the teams headed to the Super Bowl. ….hoping to win the Championship trophy.

College football is in full swing with each team’s eye on becoming national champions. Yes, when we think of champions, we think of those who win sports titles,.either as a team or through individual efforts. It is not easy to become a champion. . .it takes determination. . .practice. . .exercise. . .discipline and, yes. . .commitment to never give up, give in, back up, back down, sit down, quit or walk away until victory is achieved. God has given each of us the heart of a champion far beyond the field of athletic endeavor.  Much like a good earthly father wants his children to be champions in whatever they undertake… our Heavenly Father desires that we, His children, win in the game of life. We spent the last 5-6 weeks talking about Christian’s Boot Camp and learning how to apply the Armor of God. We always refer to Jesus as a conqueror; one who conquered death, hell and the grave. . .yet we never call him a champion. Throughout history, conquerors are those who went to war where there was the spilling of blood. That’s why Jesus was and is a conqueror. . .He spilled blood. . .overcame demonic opposition to become a champion for our salvation. In order for us to be conquerors, we must first become champions in the areas of our lives where we’ve been given a vision, a goal, a dream or a calling. We must prevail, as champions over the areas where we’ve been given stewardship.

Where are you being lead in the building of the Kingdom?

November Events:

  • 1st & 2nd – Pastor June at Disciple’s Camp for Meeting
  • 3rd – All Saints Day Memorial Day Celebration
    • – Board Meeting
  • 6th – Mary Circle – Heidi’s house – 1:30 pm
    • – Disciples Men’s Bible Study – 5 pm
  • 10th – Services at Cambridge Place and Country Living – 2 pm
  • 23rd – Chit-Chat with Pastor June – 2 pm

November Birthdays and Anniversaries:


  • Rob Roever – 4th
  • Betty Lou Hover – 16th
  • Shane Roever – 17th
  • Mary Gilette – 18th
  • Richard Temps – 28th


  • Greg and Heidi Wheeler – 10th – 40 years

It’s Your Turn:

What questions/comment do you have?  Are there lessons you would like to be a part of? Are there things we need to talk about in a group or individually? Is there something special that you would like to do?

Call me at 785-713-9872.

I am your pastor and I am here for you.

Bible Studies:

  • Sunday – 9 am – Christian Living, part 2
    • Lessons: Obedience, Tithing, Attitude toward the House of God,
    • Members, Elders, Prayer             
  • Men’s Fellowship/Bible Study
    • David, A Man After God’s Own Heart- First Wednesday 5p
    • Lesson: – God’s Wrath and Blessing – 2 Samuel 6
  • Women’s Fellowship – Fruit of the Spirit – Mary Circle
    • Lesson – Joy – Luke 24:33-53 – How joyful can you be in this life?
  • Tuesday Brown Bag – 12 Noon – Genesis – Chapters 4-5
    • Lesson – First murder – Fact or Fiction?

Upcoming sermons:

  • 10th – I Am Gifted by God to Succeed – Romans 12:6-8
  • 17th –The Power of Expectation – Philippians 1:20a
  • 24th – The Power of Gratitude or Thanksgiving at Colosse

Let Me Be Thankful

Let me be thankful, O Lord I pray,
Starting with the light of day;
Then for every breath I breathe,
And for the right to believe.

For every finger on my hand,
For every hair upon my head,
My arms, my legs, my ears and eyes;
All my blessings so great in size.

And let me always remember, too,
To than you, God, for YOU.

T. V. Garrard

No Time

There’s a loving letter I mean to send
There’s a visit I mean to pay
There’s a careless habit I hope to mend,
When I get the time someday.

There’s a dusty Bible I mean to read
There’s an hour I’ll keep to pray
I’ll turn each dream to a golden deed,
When I get the time someday.

I’ll carry flowers to the sick and sad
I’ll seek for those who stray
You can trace my steps by hearts made glad,
When I get the time someday.

So somebody thought, so somebody said,
But wasn’t it just a crime?
Too busy with less important things’
They never did get the time.


Recipe for Happiness

Mend a quarrel. Search out an old friend. Dismiss suspicion. Show your trust. Write a letter. Share some treasure. Give a soft answer. Encourage youth. Manifest your loyalty. Don’t give up. Keep a promise. Forego a grudge. Forgive an enemy. Apologize if you were wrong. Try to understand. Root out envy. Think first of someone else. Appreciate others. Be kind. Be gentle. Deserve the confidence of others. Laugh a little more. Whatever you are doing, do a good job at it.

With the holidays just around the corner the one thing we all think about doing is cleaning house. Here is a prayer I found for you.

A Prayer to Clean House By

Lord, I have been housecleaning. It’s hard work to scrub, to polish, to wash and iron. But, Lord, what a satisfaction to see the windows sparkle, To hang clean curtains, to smell the cleanness.

Help me, Father, to houseclean my soul- To cast out old prejudices, to discard outworn attitudes, To wash away old hurts and all the world’s dust I’ve accumulated for so long.

Let me face life clean and fresh, Aware of my own weaknesses, but not guilt-ridden- More determined to overcome my own faults and more tolerant of others.

Less selfish and more understanding. And may the winds of your spirit, blow through all the windows of my soul, until my house is filled with love.

–  Betty Clevenger

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The Beacon Newsletter

Rev. June Stoker, pastor 785-713-9872

From the desk of Pastor June:

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November 2019 The Beacon Newsletter

November 2019 The Beacon Newsletter

Rev. June Stoker, pastor 785-713-9872

From the desk of Pastor June:

For us sports fans, this is an exciting time of the year. I was so excited that the Houston

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Rev. June Stoker, pastor 785-713-9872

From the desk of Pastor June:

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